As we enter into the digital age and experience more and more innovative technology, we also find that unscrupulous parties are coming up with more and more ways to illegally hack into your systems. That’s why we are introducing 2020, a series of complete system utilities software tools that ensures total security across multiple devices.
Bitdefender 2020 introduces new privacy features that offer industry leading protection for iOS, Android, Mac, and OSX and is now equipped with multiple upgrades. Previously, Bitdefender prevented the access of new variants of growing cyber-threats to your system, blocked dodgy pages targeting private information, and keeps your family safe from cyber-bullying.
With Bitdefender 2020, you can now experience a whole host of new features: Web Protection for iOS Although iOS has stellar security features, hackers can still gain access to private information like credit card number through fraud and phishing. Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS can nip this in the bud by identifying whether a URL you accessed is legitimate or fraudulent.
There is a new anti-tracker feature that prevents trackers from collecting your personal and private data related to your online behavior. It keeps your browsing activities private from prying eyes, increases the loading speed of your browser, and give you detailed info about what type of websites track your movements.
Microphone Monitor Bitdefender 2020 also features Microphone Monitor that serves to enhance the existing web cam protection, notifying users when their webcams are accessed by unauthorized apps, this extra layer of security gives users more control over their privacy.
The 2021 offers users a wide range of security features like upgraded technology to detect and block malware advanced online threats that compromise the integrity of your data for Windows, iOS, Mac OSX, and Android. The new Bitdefender 2020 is equipped with award-winning technologies and that’s the reasons why many people recommend it as a must-have for your PC security.
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