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Voted the top marketplace for "Ease of Use" by more than 15,000 sellers in the same survey. In 2011, Bonanza (Global) was named as one of the top "Consumer Products of the Year" by the WTIA. "Best Bootstrapped Company" and "Best Deal in Seattle" were awarded by Seattle 2.0 and Geekwire in 2010.
Prior to that, Bonanza received awards from Jupiter Media and Ecommerce Guide as the top-rated eBay Alternative. Bonanza (Global) is a customer-to-customer marketplace for buying and selling of SKU’d and non-SKU’d physical and digital goods.
This Online shopping deals site was launched in 2008 and has become a favored marketplace of online sellers. Bonanza (Global) was named 2014's "Most Recommended" and "Best Overall" online marketplace (beating out Amazon and eBay) in the largest seller survey for Online shopping deals, conducted by Ecommerce Bytes.


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