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BOXT finally brings the boiler industry into the digital age! Boxt provides customers with the capability to get a guaranteed fitted price in under 5 minutes and have it installed within just 24 hours.
Boxt puts all customers in control, letting them choose the boiler specification, when they want it installed and how much they want to pay, with prices starting from as little as £10.96 a month.
Why choose BOXT?
Boxt are the UK's no.1 ranked gas installation company as voted for by our TrustPilot customers.
Launched in April 2017, Boxt now fits more boilers than Homeserve, e.on and AA combined.
BOXT is part-owned by Bosch and Boxt only offer the top of the range Worcester boiler.
Boxt are the only way to buy your boilers online - that can provide next day installation - nationwide.
Having no salesperson - Boxt are on average, a third cheaper than any of their competitors (including British Gas).
Customers pays a fixed price online, starting at just £10.96 per month, with or without a deposit.
Making it the cheapest and most flexible boiler offer in the UK - with a ten-year warranty provided (avoiding boiler insurance fees).
Our reviews on Trust Pilot rank at 9.9 out of 10.

most flexible boiler offer