The trend of digital audiobooks that has taken over the world by storm

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In this digitized age, when we are hooked to our smartphones or laptops, the concept of going to a bookstore and buying an actual book seems a little unreal. Though some people love the smell of a new book, most people are now relying on e-books. In fact, the publishing industry is making more money through e-books.
When we talk about e-books, we can’t ignore the trend of digital audiobooks that has taken over the world by storm. What is great about audiobooks is that they offer more choices for customers and have a wider reach.
They are easy to access, and you don’t have to carry an actual book around with you. You can easily download them on your phones or laptops and listen to the entire book being read out to you by a narrator. Read on to find out more about digital audiobooks.
What are digital audiobooks? Did you know that the audiobook market is growing way faster compared to the overall entertainment and media industry? But what is a digital audiobook, and why is it gaining so much popularity? To put it in simple words, digital audiobooks are the recorded version of a book’s text that you prefer listening to instead of reading.
Many people don’t get the opportunity to buy a book due to their hectic routines, let alone take out the time to read it. However, after this technology was introduced, book-lovers could catch up by listening to a book on their smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. The great part is that a digital audiobook can be easily downloaded for free or purchased from online bookstores.
The pros of digital audiobooks
It has already been established that audiobooks are a rapidly-growing segment. Here are a few advantages of digital audiobooks.
They reach a diverse audience: Digital audiobooks have the power to reach a diverse audience and keep them engaged, as all one has to do is just listen. They are an excellent option for people who enjoy reading books but don’t have the time to do so. Moreover, they are perfect for blind and dyslexic individuals.
Good profits: The audiobook is definitely a profitable industry. Why, you ask? That is because the price to turn books into digital audiobooks is quite reasonable. And the best part, the profit is pretty high.
An audiobook never goes out of stock: A best-selling book can run out of stock in no time, but a downloadable version, i.e. a digital audiobook, can always be found online.
It is easier to get discovered: A digital audiobook puts an author on the digital map, making it easier for book lovers to find the book and content they are looking for. Thanks to digital audiobooks, discovering a book among thousands of titles in the sea of e-books has become much more manageable.
The digital audiobook industry is trending today because it is relatively inexpensive, and producing it is not as challenging as publishing a book or an e-book. On the other hand, audiobooks are reaching even those people who were missing out on the joy of reading.
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the trend of digital audiobooks


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