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Prominence Support is one of the largest home appliance and utility insurance providers in the UK. We offer insurance products for everything from kitchen appliances, boilers, central heating, plumbing, home security and emergency cover. All our policies are comprehensive, cost-effective, and FCA regulated so our customers know they are being treated fairly.
Here at Prominence Support, we provide appliance insurance because we understand that things break down and we know how stressful it can be when they do. That is why we offer unparalleled customer service and quick and efficient repairs or product replacements with no fuss.
With over 17% of refrigerators, 14% of washing machines, and a mammoth 50% of boilers (amongst other appliances) breaking down at some time in their lifetime, it’s easy to understand why protecting the things in our home is a priority for many. That is why we here at Prominence Support offer all of our customers the option to protect their purchases and prevent large unforeseen bills from suddenly appearing on the horizon.
As a company, we aim to be the pre-eminent one-stop solution for a household emergency, appliance, and utility insurance on the internet and we are always at the forefront of the insurance industry. So come visit our website today, get started with Prominence Support and sign on for the very best appliance insurance and utility coverage available in the UK.

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