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Charli was founded in London in 2008 to offer a collection of urban knitwear brand essentials with a contemporary edit of jersey and knit separates at an accessible price. Since then, the brand has expanded to deliver seasonal collections mainly in cashmere, wool, organic cotton, linen, and silk.
Charli pays tribute to the simplicity of natural and renewable yarns, making every piece highly wearable and timeless. Each season a signature day to night aesthetic is developed with style-savvy women looking for delicate wardrobe staples in mind.
Though the brand is always aware of trends, styles are developed with longevity in mind for years, even decades, to come. That’s why sourcing of the finest materials is one of the brands most important objectives - like Grade-A cashmere sweaters, Peruvian Alpaca sweaters, and hand-knitted wool.
Our innovative and sustainable production techniques on our core fabrications of jersey and knitwear have inspired a devoted following. What started as a capsule collection of simple luxe basics at the London based multi-brand stores, is now a renowned contemporary fashion brand that can be found in selected premium stores throughout Europe, Asia, and North America.
We are pledging to work towards complete traceability and ethical consideration as our primary focus. We aim to constantly reduce the use of raw materials, energy, water, and chemicals by implementing the latest developments and technologies.
The cotton we use is sourced under the Better Cotton Initiative BCI, which is a socially responsible programme developed to educate farmers in the growing of crops for a better product and a better environment. It reduces the environmental impact of cotton production, with up to 55% fewer pesticides and 14% less water being used.
We are pledging to use only responsible kind yarns and abandon any conventional synthetic fibers unless recycled/post-consumer. Our Alpaca yarn doesn't contain the oils or lanolin found in sheep's wool which can use harsh chemical treatments. Alpacas are not killed for their fur or meat and the animals are not harmed come shearing time. All our Alpaca yarn is sourced from Peru where treatment of animals is closely regulated and all farmers have to adhere to strict standards.
We are committed to using certified Woolmark Australian Wool that adhere to the strictest standards. Our premium and traceable Australian Merino wool is breathable with a super soft hand feel and is complemented by responsibly sourced trims and detailing.
Cashmere is one of nature's finest when it comes to breathability and insulation. We source high quality and hypoallergenic long-lasting cashmere. We use fibers that are longer than regular cashmere fibers. The longer the fiber, the longer your sweater lasts.
Here at Charli, we are serious about our commitment to quality and research, also sustainability and consciousness of the environment has always been a core value of Charli
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