Whether you are promoting a product, hosting an event, or publishing new content, reaching your current and potential customers is now as easy as pressing a button in your.
There are great software designed to send professional looking emails with a personal touch to hundreds or thousands of subscribers with a single touch.
Atomic Email Sender newsletter delivery program is also a powerful tool that not only helps companies form visually pleasing and engaging newsletters, it can also send them winging away to your clients all at once.
To make your email more personalized, Atomic Email Sender includes the following features:
  • Choosing from pre-designed content templates for newsletter features like images, logos, videos, text, buttons, and navigation, to tailor your customized email message to a specific group or audience.
  • Write text by using the visual or HTML text editor.
  • Personalizing the email with the customers’ names.
  • Use specific identifying attributes, like customer demographic, interests, and preferences, to only send relevant and engaging content to segments of subscribers.
  • Embed sign up or subscription form that makes it easy for visitors to subscribe to your business’ newsletter.
  • Immaculately organizes your contact into lists based on the information you have about them.
  • Schedule your emails to be sent to your subscribers at a certain time, based on their timezones.
  • Simultaneously send thousands of email in bulk form at once without any hassle.
  • Generate newsletter performance reports through Google Analytics and Atomic Email Tracker service.
  • Program is equipped with a built-in SMTP server
As a marketer, you already know that personalization is the key to success when it comes to email marketing. Emails that have personalized subject lines have a 26% more chance of being opened than those without and segmented campaigns are seen to have an increase of 760% in email revenue. So, if your company hasn’t used a newsletter delivery program till now.
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