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When it comes to men’s suits, the “one look fits all" rule is no longer applicable. Whether you’re looking for men’s suits for weddings or a business event, different occasions call for different suits.
Not to mention, there is a wide variety of classic and contemporary men’s suits available that best suits your personal style and personality. So, without further ado, here's a must-read guide on classic and contemporary men’s suits:
Single-Breasted Suit:
The most popular in the classics category, the single-breasted suit is suitable for the workplace. It is easily recognizable as it has two or three buttons running along the seam. The single-breasted suit has a tight and narrow fit and is often paired with notch lapels. These suits are perfect for all body types.
Classic Fit Suit:
With its extraordinarily comfort and unfettered design, this suit ranks the top in popularity among men. It's breathable and perfect for office wear. However, when paired with chinos, it can be the right fit for a Friday night outing. Without a doubt, classic suits will never go out of fashion.
Notch Lapel:
A single-breasted jacket that has a visible indent where the collar meets the lapel, the notch lapel is suitable for various events. If you own this suit, consider yourself lucky as it can be worn anywhere, be it a cocktail party or a meeting.
Double-Breasted Suit:
Over the years, this type of suit has seen many changes as compared to the single-breasted suit. For purely aesthetic purposes, the suit comes with additional buttons on both sides of the jacket. The number of buttons may range from four to eight. The extra buttons give the illusion of a wider frame and best fits slim men as compared to stocky guys, who look best in a single-breasted suit.
The double-breasted suit has now become a popular choice for European men due to its modern, laid back look. The suit comes in multiple colors and features a jacket, which gives it a relaxed feel. The contemporary look has the bottom button unfastened, and the top ones fastened.
James Bond is the first name that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘tuxedo’. It’s a classic suit that has a tapered fit and comes in various styles. The single-breasted jacket is paired with jetted pockets as a typical tuxedo has peak lapels.
Celebs like Armie Hammer, Timothee Chalamet and Donald Glover have adopted a much more colorful version of the classic tuxedo by pairing their slim-fit tux with printed or patterned jackets.
Modern Fit:
This suit is the perfect cross of modern slim and classic fit, giving it an exciting look. If you combine the suit with the right accessories, you are bound to make a style statement and make heads turn, no matter the occasion.
Unstructured Blazer:
The modern suit is the unstructured blazer that breaks away from the stereotype of not being soft and unpadded. The blazer has a single layer of material, making it wearable for summer outings. However do not wear a loose blazer as it can look sloppy.
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