Yumi is a Manchester-based chewable vitamins and chewable supplements brand. We were launched in 2017 and have been growing rapidly ever since. We offer the best-tasting range of chewable vitamins with the highest quality formulas.
Say goodbye to hard to swallow pills, our chewable vitamins provide all the benefits of traditional supplements in tasty gummy form. Yumi gummies provide solutions to a range of problems, taking care of your hair, skin and nails, helping you to fall asleep, giving you more energy, and supporting you and your family’s overall health and wellbeing.
Gummies are just as effective as any other form of supplement and vitamin, and we place health and taste before anything else. All of our products at Yumi are made with the best ingredients and do not contain gluten. Colours, flavours and sweeteners are all derived from fruits, vegetables, grains and herbs. All our products except for the Recover and De-stress (CBD) gummies are also vegan friendly right here from Yumi.

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Life Extension Europe (LEE) is one of the leading online suppliers of the highest quality supplements, vitamins, minerals, liposomes, and more on the European supplement market.
Our strength is that we are the exclusive distributor of Life Extension and Quicksilver Scientific products in Europe. We also have some of the strongest first-mover brands within supplements, supported by more than 35 years of experience and science-based supplement research.
Our website cover more than 500 products in 24 health categories, supporting all areas within dietary supplementation to help improve health. We have eight storefront locations and several local landing pages including this page where you find us and order our products.
Life Extension Europe provides services to all European countries such as; UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Nordic countries to name a few. Our products are rooted in more than 35 years of experience and science-based supplement research, offering the highest quality supplements, purity, and potency.
We offer 90 days return right – if the product is damaged, wrong or even if a customer regrets the purchase, but we belive satisfactiob is gurantied once out products are received.
Why not visit our Life Extension UK - Ongoing Sale pageimage-5711853-13307062 Vitamins and supplements | All healthy nutritional products to see all special offers available now. Also accessable on this page | Life Extension Nederlandimage-5711853-13273710 Vitamins and supplements | All healthy nutritional products | Life Extension Franceimage-5711853-13269895 Vitamins and supplements | All healthy nutritional products |

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Healthspan are the UK's leading supplier of vitamins, minerals and health supplements. We have been formulating high quality products at great value for money since 1996. From our sustainable sources to arriving at the customers door, we are always there for all of our customers at every stage to ensure the product they receive is of the highest quality.
That’s just one of the reasons why 98% of our customers rate Healthspan as excellent or good, so come visit us today to find out more! The Healthspan brand was amongst the first supplement brands to sell direct to customers in the UK. We only sell Healthspan supplements and formulate all of our own products alongside nutritionists, based on the latest research.
The ingredients we use are handpicked from sustainable sources and our supplements are packaged to fit through letter boxes. In addition to supplements we also have a skincare range on site (nurture skincare) and a pet supplement range (vetvits).
Our Key product lines include; glucosamine, multivitamins, omega 3, CoQ10 and herbal extracts. Why not make Healthspan your one stop website for all vitamins, minerals and health supplements

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A fresh and contemporary concept in vitamins and minerals, food supplements myvitamins.com offers premium quality vitamins and minerals extracts direct to the door with free delivery available on every order.
With a range of over 40 specially designed products targeting women, men and kids, the whole family can shop with confidence for all their health, vitality and wellbeing requirements.
myvitamins.com key product ranges include fish oils, vitamins and minerals, vitality and weight loss, whilst also offering niche products specific to bone and joint health, detox and anti ageing, and heart brain health.

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Protein Dynamix is a market leading Sports supplement products brand with the simple goal of engineering class leading, premium quality sports supplement products with the sole intention of helping you at Protein Dynamix.
Be Your Best, Protein Dynamix have hit the market running by creating 'Best in Class' products such as the DynaBar (Voted best tasting protein bar on the market) Dynapro Anytime (More protein than any other blend in the UK) and DYNAMO the ultimate pre workout.
Protein Dynamix have created a one stop shop that helps to service the demand of any customer looking for 'Best in Class' products at online prices in Sports supplement products. Customers looking for bulk ingredients to bolt onto other products can do so at prices comparable to the Sports supplement products major bulk discount sites.
The Sports supplement products quality and pricing means customers who are looking for value for the money, but also want a brand they can trust and believe in, Protein Dynamix is the place for you to find all your Sports supplement products.

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This is one of the fastest growing industry sectors with growth in excess of 25% year on year. Myprotein sports nutritional products has become the brand of choice for online shoppers and continuing to grow our range expanding to women's fitness, endurance and wellbeing.
Myprotein offers premium sports nutritional products and supplements at unbeatable direct prices. With a massive range of over 350 products and its reassuring price guarantee, customers can shop with confidence for all their health and nutrition needs.
Key product lines include whey protein, vitamins, amino acids, fish oils, herb extracts, gym accessories and many more. Myprotein - Europe's No.1 sports nutritional products online.
With a growing significantly range in popularity Simply Supplements is one of the UK's leading online retailer of vitamins, mineral food supplements and traditional herbal medicines. Established 11 years ago, the Simply Supplements is here to stay.
Here at Simply Supplements, we have introduced industry leading health products and strive to bring all of our customers high quality natural health products each time you buy.
Some key products include glucosamine combinations, fish oils, co-enzyme Q10, B vitamins, raspberry ketones and red clover nutritional supplements, can all be found at Simply Supplements.
Our premium quality range of nutritional supplements includes over 170 products designed for the numerous health needs of a wide demographic, from glucosamine sulphate 1000mg for active and sporting individuals, to Omega 3 fish oils for the entire family and even including our coat and skin formula for the family pets.
All of our products are made right here in the UK and more are added each day! Come visit Simply Supplements right here today and shop now.

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