Technology developmentRecent information technology development however, are resulting in communication being grater important than ever before. Satellites, mobile phones, the Internet, text messaging, emails, videotext, internet TV, data networks, spy cameras, social media and even the hottest flying drones are used for carrying vital information through its image and video communications means across the board in today's world.


These and many more associated words are now being added to out everyday language. It’s a very clear indication that we have now reached a stage where we are using completely new methods of storing, dealing with and conveying information. These new developments are so powerful that the term “Information Society” is now being used to describe this new lifestyle.

Here is a Peak at the Advancements that Have Unfolded So far from ideas to breakthroughs, from breakthroughs to innovations – the journey inspires the entrepreneurs, excite the scientists and spur the technologists to get working. Here, at Consumer High Street, it stirs us to write, comment and opinionate. Welcome to the Technology Development blogging series, this is your 2017 bi-annual review of the breakthrough technologies, unfolded so far this year.

Big Brother is Watching!
Not only those who live in that house, but you, they, them and us. Everyone! Or at least, that is what this team of researchers has claimed to have developed in the form of a software program. The software program is able to track the motion of individuals in a crowd—more than one individual at the same time, allowing security companies to monitor a person exhibiting unorthodox behavior. One can seamlessly switch from one individual to another, without having to re-run the program, a limitation that was found in previous tracking programs. The software is in its early stages of testing, with a lot of optimization work to follow, to make it accurately function in real time. However, this is an innovative breakthrough with a promising potential, the progress of which we would be closely following in the coming months.
The Once Grimy – Not So Anymore!
The problem of air pollution is on the rise, with regulatory authorities across the globe strategizing and implementing measures to help curb air pollution. But, what if, you can find a solution that would help overcome air pollution concerns while also serving as a source of power generation? Well, this is what the researchers from the University of Antwerp and University of Leuven are determined to work on. They have come up with a technological process that can generate power from polluted air while also cleaning it through the same process. The prototype at this stage appears to work successfully within a space of few square centimeters. However, the research team is all geared up to scale the application of technology to a larger area.
Fly, Fly High – Without the Need of a Pilot’s License.
When the team at Consumer High Street, first heard about this, we were like – another flying car prototype?! Not really! This is an all-electric personal flying vehicle, the Kitty Hawk Flyer, which can float on water as well. It has already been certified by aviation authorities, with a friendly learning curve. And it has got the backing of Larry Page, the co-founder of Google. You can watch this flying vehicle in action right here.
This brings us to the end of our bi-annual review. But, the journey of technological developments does not end here. As long as the entrepreneurs, scientists and technologists continue to inspire us to write, the team at Consumer High Street will continue to bring you the latest news about technology developments – now, tomorrow and in future.
Till the next blogging idea: Remain Inspired!
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