Recurrent cystitisMany women suffer from cystitis on a regular basis and learn to recognise the symptoms. If you have been treated for cystitis by a doctor and can recognise the symptoms, then we can conveniently supply you with the most common treatment to keep ready for when you next have a problem. A course of antibiotic treatment can be provided for only £15.00. Our service is not suitable for women who are under 18 years of age. Our UK registered GPs will assess if our service is suitable for you...
from your answers to our questionnaire. The service is not suitable for men, or women allergic to trimethoprim, you should not take trimethoprim if you are pregnant or breast feeding, suffer from blood disorders or have liver or kidney problems or if you are taking certain medicines from your doctor, such as methotrexate. Please note that it is advisable that you see your doctor for a thorough check-up and assessment if you have had cystitis more than 3 times in a year – your doctor will try to find the cause for recurrent cystitis and remedy the cause where possible.
When should you use the treatment provided?
As soon as you recognise the cystitis symptoms as diagnosed by your doctor before, you should start the course of antibiotics provided. If the cystitis you are suffering from is caused by a bacterial infection then your symptoms will improve within a couple of days, and you should complete the course to ensure the infection is treated. You should also drink lots of fluid.
It is possible that your symptoms are not caused by a simple bladder infection. If this is the case the treatment provided will not improve your symptoms and they may worsen. In this case, it is very important that you visit your GP immediately to find out the cause. You should, however, continue the course of antibiotics unless your GP directs otherwise. Get Cystitis Consultation and Treatments At Pharmacy2U now! 
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The morning after pill:
When should you use the morning after pill? The morning after pill should only be used as emergency contraception as soon as possible after unprotected sex or failure of a different contraceptive method, such as a split condom. The morning after pill is not as effective as a conventional method of regular contraception and is suitable only in emergencies. It should in no instance replace a regular contraceptive method. The patient information leaflet should be read carefully before use.
What emergency contraceptive treatments are available?
The most effective method to avoid pregnancy after unprotected sex is to have a copper coil inserted by a doctor or nurse. This can be done up to five days after unprotected sex and has the advantage of providing contraception on an ongoing basis. This approach is also more effective than taking the morning after pill. Please note: The Pharmacy2U Online Doctor service is unable to supply you or fit you with a contraceptive coil. If you choose to use the Pharmacy2U Online Doctor service for treatment, you are confirming that you do not wish to have a coil fitted, even though this is the most effective way of avoiding pregnancy.
There are two commonly prescribed morning after pills available in the UK. Levonelle has been available for some time while EllaOne is a more recent introduction. The important difference between the two treatments is that EllaOne is still effective if taken at a later time after the unprotected sex, compared to Levonelle. Levonelle is an effective emergency contraceptive when taken within 72 hours (three days) of unprotected sex or failure of a contraceptive method. EllaOne is effective when taken up to 120 hours (five days) after unprotected sex or failure of a contraceptive method. The dose should be taken as early as possible after unprotected sex. It is more likely to be effective the earlier it is taken, so get treatment now!

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