Information technology
Transmitting information from one place to another has been very important for quite some time. Specialization is impossible without communication, if a company or manufacture did not provide out of stock information on goods a customer might want to buy; he would not remain in business for very long. Wired credit card payment could be delayed  also loss of data transfer because of communication failure. How would you feel if your wages were not paid because of a communication failure?

Recent information technology developments, however, are resulting in communication being grater important than ever before. Satellites, Internet, text messaging, videotext, internet TV, data networks, spy cameras and social media communications.
These and many more associated words are now being added to our everyday language. It’s a very clear indication that we have now reached a stage where we are using completely new methods of storing, dealing with and conveying information. These new developments are so powerful that the term “Information Society” is now being used to describe this new lifestyle.

As we can now see communication is vital to our everyday lifestyle, lack of communication between team players, co-workers, and the use of technology such as computers could result in many preventable mistakes. All sorts of possibilities are opening up before us today; homes are being equipped with two or more satellite televisions, computers, wireless internet communication technology, mobile phones and many more. This means that without leaving the home, individuals can order goods and services from Business IT Online Office Shop, talk to other people and even vote in local elections.
Information Technology:
What does the Future of Information Technology Looks Like? Over the years, the face of information technology has changed. It was always fascinating, always about interconnectivity but the future looks even more distinguished. From simple developments, which started from a personal computer to evolutionary explosion of internet – information technology has developed at a rapid pace. It has influenced the way we interact, collaborate, communicate and share information in our personal lives and at workplace.
Welcome to the Information Technology blogging series, where the team at Consumer High Street, talk about everything related to IT. Today, we look into the future of information technology - trends and developments that will form the fabric of its progress in coming years.
Internet of Things is the Future of Information Technology:
The Internet of Things or IoT, encompasses a systematic network of elements that are connected to the internet, communicating and sharing information with each other via the medium. These elements can be a microwave oven, a television, a car, a printer, an animal, a human – anything that carries information and need information to execute an activity. It’s the extreme form of interconnectedness, which revolves around the communication and analysis of information to create an action. And it is set to be the future of information technology, as major stakeholders like Google, Apple and Amazon look to invest in it to further consolidate it and make it implementable.
What We Can Expect?
  • You can expect the evolution of smart homes. You will communicate with your coffee maker, while driving home from the office, instructing to prepare a nice hot cup of coffee by the time you reach home.
  • You can expect the evolution of smart vehicles. Your car would automatically route the shortest travel path to the fed destination, speeding its way, avoiding the traffic jams.
  • You can expect the evolution of smarter offices.
  • Your printer will have everything printed out that you need for an emergency morning meeting while you communicate with it from your home.
    The 5G Will Transform the IT Industry in a Way, Never Experienced Before! 5G is the next generation of mobile networks, expected to launch commercially by the year 2020. It will form the core of all future communications, transforming the paradigm in a way, not known before to mankind. Business operations, routine communications and communications of all other forms will be served by the 5G technology in future.
    What We Can Expect?
  • You can expect a latency between your action and response to be as low as 1 msec. In simpler terms, a communication carried out at a 400 times faster rate than what you get from the existing network technologies.
  • With improved and diverse connectivity, you can expect telemedicine to grow, with affordable healthcare available to all.
  • You can expect the Internet of Things to benefit from the advent of 5G.
  • You can expect the wide scale adoption of virtual reality and augmented reality, as the technological platforms leverage the power of 5G.
    The future of information technology looks fascinating and distinguished, extending beyond the current perceptions of human mind. And here at Consumer High Street, we are excited to be a part of it. 

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