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A Handy Luggage Bag Buying Guide:
Here, at Consumer High Street, we understand the importance of having a durable luggage bag. Whether you are a frequent traveler or an occasional jet setter, a trusted travel bag can make your journey—short or long—hassle free. You love your luggage bags, and we love writing about what you love – the luggage bags.
Travel Luggage & Cabin Bags Welcome to the Travel Luggage & Cabin Bags Ltd blogging series, where we talk about everything related to luggage. From how to choose a luggage bag for your next trip, to how to take care of them so that they last long. Today, we will help you find a durable luggage bag for your holiday or business travels.
What will you be Carrying in Your Luggage Bag?
This is the first question you should ask yourself. Your activities for the planned trip will determine what you’ll be carrying and knowing the items of carry, you can then find a luggage bag that suits your travelling needs. For example, if you are heading for a hiking trip, you will be bringing along sleeping bags, hiking poles, tents etc. For that you will need a luggage bag that has pouches to fit the carriables. On the contrary, if you are going on a business trip, you will be carrying a laptop, some file folders and neatly pressed suits. As such, you will need a luggage bag that provides easy storage and access for your laptop and file folders, while having straps so that you can store your clothes wrinkle free.
How You’ll Be Travelling:
Once you know what you will be carrying, you then need to ask yourself, how you’ll be travelling. If you are travelling by air, you need a luggage bag that complies with the luggage rules of the airlines. If it’s a road trip, you will need a luggage bag which is made from a material that is pliable. After all, you want to make sure the bag fits the trunk size, while leaving plenty of space for the storage of other items. As for the cruise ships, it is advisable to carry a luggage bag that is flat and rigid. Whatever is your mode of travelling, choose a luggage bag that suits the mode of transportation.
What’s the Length of Your Journey?
The next important consideration when choosing a luggage bag for your trip is, the length of your journey. If it’s a short trip, a backpack or a light weight luggage bag is ideal. If it’s a long trip, involving plenty of travelling, a luggage bag with wheels should be the preferred choice.
Examine the Stitching on the Luggage:
At this point, you should have established a fair idea about what profile and size of luggage bag is best suited for your travelling needs. It’s now time to make sure that what you are buying is a quality grade product and not some makeshift.
For that, you need to closely examine the stitching on the luggage bag.
  • The stitching should be close together.
  • The stitching pattern should be consistent across all the panels of the luggage bag.
  • The stress points should be reinforced with stronger stitching pattern. Always Check the Zippers Most frequently encountered problem, when using a luggage bag, is the unreliable zippers. Zippers can easily break and zips can easily come off.
  • When buying a luggage bag, make sure that the zipper and the zip are made of high quality materials.
  • Run the zipper multiple times to ensure that it’s working fine.
  • Choose a luggage bag that comes with self-healing, double zippers. So that even if one breaks, you can use the second part to close your bag.
    And lastly, always buy a luggage bag that comes with manufacturer’s warranty. We hope this guide would serve you well in finding a durable luggage bag for your traveling needs. At Travel Luggage & Cabin Bags Ltd we stock arguably the largest range of luggage bags, so whatever your taste or requirements, we can guarantee that we will help you find the perfect luggage solution to meet your needs and budget, right here at Travel Luggage & Cabin Bags Ltd. Till the next post: Bon Voyage; From Travel Luggage & Cabin Bags Ltd!
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