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With an easy to use website and short forms to fill out, all customers are covered in minutes! For customers who have had pre-existing medical conditions, Benefits Alliance can provide access to comprehensive yet competitively priced travel insurance coverage.
Up to £10 million Emergency Medical Expenses cover and a 24 hour Medical helpline, with expect reassurance you need from an insurer you can trust for travel insurance coverage.
Why choose Benefits Alliance for your travel insurance coverage? We offer Free infant cover (0-2 years) affordable comprehensive travel insurance coverage with 20% online discount, Low excess with a Clear policy choices and access to the cover's details. Benefits Alliance is a trading name of UK General Insurance Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
Registered both in England and Wales. Visit us today from this pagge and get a quote for an affordable comprehensive travel insurance coverage today at; Benefits Alliance Travel Insurance for your peace of mind on while travelling.

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