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Since 2013, AirHelp has helped more than 10 million passengers understand their rights and receive up to €600 in compensation for delayed or canceled flights. All you need to do is to submit your flight details if you are eligible. AirHelp will handle the claim process on your behalf for a 25% fee or 50% if legal procedures are needed. If we cannot get you the money, the bill will be on us!
Here’s how we are leading the field in flight delay compensation. At AirHelp, we provide the fastest claim check thanks to AI lawyers helping human claim agents. We have Legal teams in up to 30 countries and service assistance in 16 languages, and we are the owner of one of the most extensive flight stats databases in the world.
Leave the frustration to us, allow the world's leader in flight delay compensation get to work for you. To know more about how we protect passenger rights, visit AirHelp EN image-5711853-13621227 Flight delay compensation | Get the fastest claim check process from this advertised page to learn more and get your claim started.

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 Flight delay compensation

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