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There are approximately 10 million dog owners and 11 million cat owners in the UK, with 50% of all UK adults owning a pet. Perfect Pets books were established in 2019 to provide valuable information to these owners and prospective owners in simple to understand language.
Topics cover a variety of essential need to know areas including: first aid basics, microchips, vaccinations, insurance, appropriate breed care for dogs and dog training. There are also books available for the 20 most popular breeds of dogs, the 10 most popular cross breed dogs and various other books on the care and training of puppies and dogs.
Our books at Perfect Pets can be purchased from our website or Amazon and from participating bookshops in the UK. Our website recieves over 25,000 UVs per month and our audience spans the UK, Europe and the US.
Perfect Pets books have been specially written for cat and dog owners, so come visit us today to get your own petcare guide books and start learning some of the best ways to care for cats and dogs.

Petcare guide books


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