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Here at Eden Holistic Pet Foods, our goal is simply and that is to provide the finest quality dog and cat food that supports health through nutrition and is aligned to a pets natural food intake.
Since our formation in 2011 we have seen considerable year on year growth through the retail of our product range, this is because we provide the very best natural foods with health nutrition for all dog and cats making the pet owners very happy.
Eden Holistic Pet Foods sells mostly within the UK and Europe to both the consumer and trade markets and hope to expand into new territories soon. Never use grains and cereals, animal derivatives, fillers, sweeteners or flavourings in our eden cat and dog food.
We openly list all ingredients – including the amounts of the main ingredients that our food contains, we use the highest level and quality of ingredients where possible from within the UK. The ingredients list nothing more and nothing is hidden. We provide an accurate descriptions and never use misleading information to hide the truth about the contents of our products. Also, we never create misleading packaging with pictures of ingredients that don’t represent anything that is inside the package or use jargon to hide the truth about our food.
Our loyal customers continue to comment on how much their beloved pets are thriving on our food which is fantastic to hear. We are unique in that we were the first British pet food producer to be awarded a 5-star rating. We pride ourselves on ‘above and beyond’ customer service and no question is too much trouble for our team. Come visit Eden Holistic Pet Foods today from this page to see all the of nutritional goodies we have onsite for your dog or cat to enjoy.

Supporting Animal Health Through Nutrition

Eden Holistic Pets Product Range

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