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Gosu AI Data Lab is a company with a focus on GAMING DATA. We are a research and development group of data scientists, pro gamers, mathematicians and engineers with a focus on applying machine learning, data mining and network analysis to the videogame industry. We develop novel approaches to bring AI and Data Science into GAMES.
GOSU Voice Assistant - first voice assistant for pro video gamers and from gamers. The Voice Assistant predicts questions based on context and proactively provides tips and strategies in-game. The answers to gaming questions—like, what items to buy or what abilities to learn—are known, yet not usually accessible during game-play.
Gosu AI’s Voice Assistant changes that. Its seamless training is far more appealing than traditional methods. Educational videos last thirty minutes, guides contain tens of thousands of symbols, and the number of potential item and skill builds for all champions and is comparable to the number of atoms in the universe.
GOSU Voice Assistant solves all the difficulties and helps gamers be victorious. Come see why you should try Gosu Data Lab products as pro video gamers, by visiting our page right here today.

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