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As one of the largest and most respected online retailers of LED lighting and related products in the United Kingdom, Simply LED delivers outstanding products throughout all of the UK and boyond.
Simply LED was established and based out of Leeds here in UK since August 2010, our bulk buying capacity and ability to innovate has enabled us to deliver exceptional LED lighting products at highly competitive prices.
LED lighting is an investment that will reduce energy consumption and lighting costs. With having LED lighting, it pays for itself and is one of the fastest-growing markets in the home improvement sector.
LED lighting can reduce lighting bills by up to 90%. Unlike inefficient halogen and incandescent equivalents that are in the process of being phased out, LEDs run cool to the touch, do not overheat and therefore do not need to be replaced as often. On average our LED bulbs last for 30,000 hours.
We lead the UK market with the delivery of exciting and innovative LED technology, and Simply LED also provides Free Delivery on all orders with Next Day Delivery option available. Due to the current economic situation, an increasing number of customers are searching for ways to save money.
With this, we have coupled with the government energy legislation to phase out inefficient forms of lighting, which has presented the opportunity to fulfil both of these requirements because LED lighting is an eco-friendly product which will soon become the standard in lighting in the majority of homes.

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