At BeamLED we aim to light your way to the many benefits LED lighting bulbs can bring to your home and business. We at BeamLED work to help every customers during every stage of their journey to switch to energy efficient LED lighting. LED bulbs are not only a fast and easy replacement to standard halogen and incandescent bulbs, they look better and give superior results!
By using LED's the average homeowner has the ability to save up to 80% off their electrical bills. Here at BeamLED we provide bulbs in a range of fittings, colours and styles so you'll be sure to find the right type of lighting for your needs. Visit us today at BeamLED from this page and start saving by using LED lighting bulbs.
Check out our Powerful, professional and energy efficient. Our excellent quality LED panel lights effectively utilise space for optimum lighting in any size interior.
Designed as a replacement for fluorescent tubes in grid ceilings, our LED panel lights come in 600x600mm, 1200x600mm and 1200x300mm sizes. We also offer a selection of round panel lights, perfect for recessed downlighting

LED Light bulbs