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If you're a PC user interested in maximizing efficiency and speed--whether tackling tasks at the office or taking on projects at home--consider adding two powerful technologies to your repertoire that have advanced considerably in recent years, now allowing you to fully leverage new Windows 10. System Mechanic 20 [GBP]image-5711853-11069223 System mechanic | Diagnose, fix and speed up any pc in minutes
We've previously unpacked a treasure trove of keyboard shortcuts that can make computing faster. In addition to expertizing your way around the keyboard, there are two other places to look for greater efficiency, less work time and a smoother PC experience eith speech recognition technology an all-in-one system for you. Get Total Performance, Protection & Privacy In One Convenient Interface with System Mechanic® Ultimate Defenseimage-5711853-13160837 System mechanic | Diagnose, fix and speed up any pc in minutes
For Windows 10 users, the other digital assistant in the game is of course Cortana. Taking a moment to correctly set up Microsoft's voice-activated helper can deliver superior results. Unlike Siri or Google Now, Cortana lets you control what she knows about you, so she can better display reminders and information of interest to you. You manage this by making selections in Cortana's Notebook or in your Contacts or Maps app. You can assign yourself a spouse among your contacts, and let Cortana know where your home and workplace are with.
First, enable Cortana when you click in the Windows 10 search box. You'll need to grant her permission to use your location, mic, contacts, email, messages and browser history--but do note that you can adjust these permissions to suit your individual preferences. With everything fully enabled, Cortana can show you local news, sports, forecasts and more, keeping you informed up to the minute and contributing to greater productivity at home and work.
Today's speech recognition software has evolved to the point where, if you're looking for increased productivity while expending less effort, purchasing the current generation of this software is well worth the money. Dictation/transcription software provides you with a true digital assistant--gone are the days of dull administrative tasks like typing up reports. Regularly integrating verbally activated help into your computing routine is like having a private transcription service without the wait or cost. Get the all new software that works.
Microsoft has ceased support for Windows 7. This means that their regular provision of security updates (aka "patches") has been discontinued for Windows 7 users. The operating system will continue to function, but if you're hooked up to the internet there is increased risk of a malware infection. Luckily, several of the features in iolo's System Mechanic® Ultimate Defense can help stave off much of the danger. Here is a look at several of them.
Security Optimizer: This feature looks for Windows security settings that could leave your PC vulnerable to attack. After Microsoft support ends, there will be no new Windows 7 security patches from Microsoft. Be sure to at least run this feature to shore up points of vulnerability such as the Windows Remote Registry service, which can allow other users over a network to modify your system registry.
System Shield: A good dual-engine antivirus is your best defense against malware once security updates are no longer offered. System Shield is real-time protection that can help block many types of incoming malware to ensure your PC is as safe as possible without updates from Microsoft. System Shield Antivirus & Antispywareimage-5711853-10766618 System mechanic | Diagnose, fix and speed up any pc in minutes will continue to receive regular updates, even though Windows 7 won't.
Malware Killer: It's also a best practice to regularly scan your system for malware; Malware Killer is an on-demand malware finder and removal tool. It analyzes what it finds in the Scan Cloud, where it can safely distinguish malicious software from benign.
Startup optimizer, deceptive and unwanted programs remover, and advanced uninstaller because the programs on your Windows 7 computer will no longer receive security updates for Windows 7, getting rid of the ones you don't use is a good idea.
Some particularly vulnerable ones include Java and Adobe Flash Player. Startup Optimizer will tell you which programs are automatically launching at startup, a great place to start finding out what you don't want or need.
Also remove junk you may have been unaware of, like toolbars that might have "piggybacked" their way onto your system during installation of a different program. Deceptive and Unwanted Programs Remover will scan your system for these items (called "PUPs") whenever you perform a system scan, and assist you in removing them.
Privacy Guardian automated cookie cleaning and private search bar can help you avoid leaving traces of yourself on the internet. By scheduling regular removal of web-browsing traces stored on your PC, you can easily and automatically thwart invasive collection of your private data, oftentimes the first step in opening you up to a cyberattack. Furthermore, Privacy Guardian's private search bar does not store, share or sell what you search for, unlike many browsers that do not prioritize your personal security and anonymity.
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