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If you're a PC user interested in maximizing efficiency and speed--whether tackling tasks at the office or taking on projects at home--consider adding two powerful technologies to your repertoire that have advanced considerably in recent years, now allowing you to fully leverage new Windows 10. Buy System Mechanic now for £34.95image-5711853-11991787 System mechanic | Diagnose, fix and speed up any pc in minutes

We've previously unpacked a treasure trove of keyboard shortcuts that can make computing faster. In addition to expertizing your way around the keyboard, there are two other places to look for greater efficiency, less work time and a smoother PC experience eith speech recognition technology an all-in-one system for you. Buy System Mechanic Pro nowimage-5711853-11481107-1426615531000 System mechanic | Diagnose, fix and speed up any pc in minutes

For Windows 10 users, the other digital assistant in the game is of course Cortana. Taking a moment to correctly set up Microsoft's voice-activated helper can deliver superior results. Unlike Siri or Google Now, Cortana lets you control what she knows about you, so she can better display reminders and information of interest to you. You manage this by making selections in Cortana's Notebook or in your Contacts or Maps app. You can assign yourself a spouse among your contacts, and let Cortana know where your home and workplace are with.
First, enable Cortana when you click in the Windows 10 search box. You'll need to grant her permission to use your location, mic, contacts, email, messages and browser history--but do note that you can adjust these permissions to suit your individual preferences. With everything fully enabled, Cortana can show you local news, sports, forecasts and more, keeping you informed up to the minute and contributing to greater productivity at home and work. System Mechanic - UK / GBPimage-5711853-11481106 System mechanic | Diagnose, fix and speed up any pc in minutes
Today's speech recognition software has evolved to the point where, if you're looking for increased productivity while expending less effort, purchasing the current generation of this software is well worth the money. Dictation/transcription software provides you with a true digital assistant--gone are the days of dull administrative tasks like typing up reports. Regularly integrating verbally activated help into your computing routine is like having a private transcription service without the wait or cost. Get the all new software that works. Buy System Mechanic Pro nowimage-5711853-11481107-1426615531000 System mechanic | Diagnose, fix and speed up any pc in minutes

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Useful PC Clean Out Tips

  1. Delete unused, old or duplicate files, emails, email addresses, bookmarks and favorites. With System Mechanic's Junk File Finder, Privacy Cleaner and PC Cleanup tools, you can recover a lot of lost space -- and a lot of time wasted while looking for files on a cluttered hard drive.

  2. Organize your files. Make sure to use a logical file naming system and put them into folders that make sense and are easy to remember and access.

  3. Defragment your hard drive. While it won't categorize your files (you have to do that manually, see #2 above), defragmentation will speed up your access to them, again saving you valuable time. System Mechanic's Program Accelerator tool also realigns your application files, providing noticeable speed improvements.

  4. Back up your files and programs at least every month. Imagine all the time wasted if your files are lost. Back up regularly to a separate device like a portable hard drive or set up an automatic online back-up service.

  5. Uninstall programs that you no longer need or use. To make sure they are completely uninstalled and do not leave any residual clutter, use System Mechanic's Advanced Uninstaller to uninstall even the most stubborn components.

  6. Once you've uninstalled unused program, make sure to clean out your registry as well. Invalid or out-of-date registry settings can slow down your computer's boot time. Use System Mechanic's Registry Tuner and Total Registry Revitalizer to save valuable minutes off your boot time.

  7. Further improve your computer's start-up time by removing unnecessary start-up items. Many programs lodge themselves in start-up without your knowledge. Remove them using System Mechanic's CRUDD Remover tool.

  8. Once you've organized all your files into folders, make sure all the shortcuts are still accurate. Use Shortcut Repair to get all your shortcuts in order.

  9. For an ultimate clean out, try iolo's DriveScrubber (a stand-alone utility for permanently wiping data from hard drives, offered also as part of System Mechanic Professional). DriveScrubber can securely wipe out all your hard drive data or you can use a more selective approach, removing only your personal files and leaving the programs intact. Definitely opt for this clean out option if you are planning on donating your computer to make sure your personal information is not recoverable.

  10. For a complete PC clean out on Clean Out Your Computer Day, don't forget your PC's outside. Clean the screen, dust the keyboard, clean the mouse. After all, your computer deserves some pampering too. Buy System Mechanic Pro nowimage-5711853-11481107-1426615531000 System mechanic | Diagnose, fix and speed up any pc in minutes

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