Ditto Masktr High quality PPE | The best protection from airborne viruses

DittoMask was founded out of the country’s dire need for PPE. As a response to inadequate personal protective equipment, DittoMask and its partners joined forces to provide a high-quality air filtration system that is suitable for protection from airborne viruses. Dittomask is one of the ways to cope with the mask shortagetraffic_record High quality PPE | The best protection from airborne viruses
DittoMask is a mask that is antimicrobial, antiviral, reusable and recyclable adding that single-use surgical masks and respirators will have a detrimental effect on the ecosystem. The mask has a flat pattern to facilitate massive shipping all over the world. It incorporates a modular fine particle filtration system with a nanocomposite that is proven to deactivate viruses.
The DittoMask v2 is a high tech solution which meets the genuine needs of all users anywhere in the world. DittoMask also seek to continue providing the very best in high quality personal protective equipment to both “Essential Workers”, as well as for  those who desire a higher quality mask that is secure, comfortable to wear, reusable, and recyclable.
DittoMask also provides the ultimate protection against small particles, viruses including the COVID-19, bacteria and aerosols. The main advantage would be, preventing the inhalation of viruses and conjunctional contamination always. It is also very easy to wash and disinfect after using.
Here at DittoMask, we will continue to develop high quality products to meet the demands required to “flatten the curve” and provide relief to businesses and families everywhere. Our goal is to aid in filling the overwhelming shortage of personal protection equipment required to get the world back to a greater sense of normalcy. Once again, the Dittomask - Safe and secure Protection Mask is like a healthy Protectiontraffic_record High quality PPE | The best protection from airborne viruses, so why not get yours today.
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Ditto high quality masktr High quality PPE | The best protection from airborne viruses


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