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The number of people going vegan has increased 360% in the last 10 years and our business is proof that that stat is spiking even further right now.
At TheVeganKind we are growing exponentially as more and more meat-replacements, vegan cheeses and an abundance of milks are available; not only in mainstream shops, but in restaurants as well.
The majority of vegetarians are starting to use vegan products and anyone who eats meat, will now more commonly go vegan, rather than vegetarian. Vegan shops and restaurants are appearing all over the UK and thousands of people per day are going vegan, either for the animals, their health, the planet, or out of curiosity.
We offer assistance to those going vegan by shipping them an affordable, well-thought-out, box of new products every single month, showing them all the amazing new brands that are appearing each and every week. Visit TheVeganKind today and start shopping and saving on all of your vegan products. TheVeganKind - The UKs Most Popular Subscription Boxes for Vegans..

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