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The 8 WEEK WORKOUT virtual personal training programme allows you to train anywhere, anytime with the best expert personal trainer Callum.
This 8 Week Workout was designed to educate you so you understand how to exercise and eat to achieve maximal results, but more importantly, so that you’re able to maintain your results long after you complete the 8 week programme.
No matter your gender, age or fitness ability, this tailored programme will teach you how to maximise fat loss, promote lean muscle growth and achieve a shaped, tones and lean body in just 8 weeks.
Simply login to your members area on your device of choice and you will be guided step by step to success by your virtual personal trainer Callum, with 5 physically challenging and results driven workouts each week, for 8 weeks.
That’s 40 total workouts where each and every exercise is demonstrated, covering form, technique, sets, reps, rest and exclusive training systems. In addition to the 40 virtual training videos in the members area, users can view the 2 comprehensive ebooks, one on exercise and one on nutrition, with lots of healthy recipes to follow to fuel your body.
Why wait? Get started on the 8 Week Workout virtual personal training programme today, and get that great looking toned body you have always wanted or dreamed of having!

start your journey today with an 8 week workout


8 week workout

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