Expend is the smarter Mastercard for businesses, but it doesn't stop there! Expend is a flexible suite of tools to revolutionise business spending, reporting and expense management. Consisting of a smart payment card, account, management dashboard and mobile app. Sign up today and always get the best foreign exchange rates and zero feesimage-5711853-13352790 Mastercard for businesses | Finance | Travel bookings
Featuring automation of expense filing, instant tracking of spending and easy management of employee expenses. Expend’s automation frees up more time for people to spend running their business and doing what they love. The smarter company card that automates your expenses" Get yours next business day image-5711853-13352789 Mastercard for businesses | Finance | Travel bookings
With low-cost price plans to suit your needs, including travel-friendly options with free international transactions (0% mark-up on foreign exchange). Companies that use Expend benefit from giving every employee an Expend smart Mastercard, Avoid high credit card limits and overdraft charges, a sort code and account number for faster and recurring payments and can decide individual limits and budgets.
No Credit checks are required to sign up to this service, however identity checks are required before a company can issue cards to their employees. Visit Expend here on this page to find out more and to sign up click here for your 30 Day Free Trialimage-5711853-13352787 Mastercard for businesses | Finance | Travel bookings on a new smart Mastercard for your business.

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