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uShip is the worlds largest transportation marketplace, shipping large items including cars, motorbikes, heavy equipment, boats, couches, chairs, appliances, antiques, household goods and well, anything larger than a parcel. Click here for free LTL business and commercial shipping quotes!image-5711853-13579752 Online shipping marketplace | Send anything larger than parcels
All customers can save when shipping large and bulky items with uShip. Our network of more than 700K transporters makes it quick, easy and affordable to book a shipment. From cars to cranes and furniture to freight, our easy-to-use platform helps people and businesses ship faster and more efficiently.
We operate in 19 countries and we are always expanding our services as we aim to make a difference in the transportation industry. Come visit the largest online shipping marketplace and Save upto 60% off with free shipping free quotes on uShipimage-5711853-13444894 Online shipping marketplace | Send anything larger than parcels

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