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LetsGetChecked is all about Personal health testing, making healthcare and diagnostics open and patient-led. LetsGetChecked is empowering people to use technology in a simple but powerful way and gives all our customers greater control of their own personal health.
How LetsGetChecked personal health testing works:
With discreet packaging and simple instructions, our tests take the stress out of collecting samples and receiving confidential results.
Activate and Collect: Verify your test online with a unique activation code. Collect a sample at home following our simple and easy kit instructions. Analyse: Return your kit in the supplied packaging to receive accurate results. Your sample is delivered and tested in one of our accredited laboratories. Results and Support: Receive results within 2 to 5 days via your online profile. If the results are positive or out of range, a registered nurse will call you to provide support and treatment options.
Categories of tests provided:
General health tests screen heart, lung, liver, kidney, cortisol, vitamin and thyroid health. Sexual health tests that are discreet and accurate. Cancer screening which tests for cervical HPV, colon/bowel FIT test, and prostate PSA. Fertility testing for men and women including ovarian reserve testing. Hormone testing for men and women, including testosterone.
Benefits to customers:
The CE accredited labs used by LetsGetChecked are the same labs used by doctors and hospitals. Order online and receive your test in discreet packaging. Collect your sample at home and return directly to the lab for testing. Log into your account and track your health test results. Receive follow up directly from our medical team if needed. Payment is accepted in USD, CAN, EURO, GBP and more currencies.
Come visit LetsGetChecked, the leading provider of at-home health testing kits today from this page and start taking control of your own health.

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