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In the 1970’s NASA developed a pressure absorbing material to help cushion and support astronauts during lift-off. Scientists working at what would become Tempur UK production facilities perfected this material for use in sleep products. Today TEMPUR is the only mattress and pillow brand licensed by the US Space Foundation to use the Certified Technology Seal.
Tempur UK builds on its history of innovation by continuing to improve and develop new material and products that deliver the best night’s sleep. Once you have slept on a Tempur UK mattress and pillow, you will find superior comfort and support with no comparison.
The TEMPUR temperature-sensitive material conforms to the shape of your body. It reduces the discomfort caused by pressure points through redistributing pressure, so you can immediately relax into your most comfortable sleeping position and remain there fully supported.
To ensure that Tempur UK products continue to meet our high demands — and the needs of our owners — we keep track of just how satisfied people really are with our products. From 2014-2015, an independent research company surveyed about thirty thousand consumers across Europe. The consumers were asked how satisfied they are with the mattress that they sleep on.
We were happy to find that TEMPUR came out number 1 across these markets, rating higher on consumer satisfaction than any other mattress brand. The survey also revealed that: “9 out of 10 Tempur UK owners in the UK would consider buying TEMPUR again. Come visit Tempur UK right here today and get the only mattress and pillows that can guarantee that perfect night sleep you have been waiting for.

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