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Frisson Home is a UK-based e-commerce platform and has gathered together the very best in home ware, furniture, lighting, and featured home decor.
Frisson (French for "shiver"), also known as aesthetic chills or musical chills, is a psycho physiological response to rewarding auditory and/or visual stimuli that often induces a pleasurable state.
People who have experienced Frissons are more likely to be open to new experiences, have active imaginations, see the beauty in nature, love variety, and often think very deeply about their feelings. They may be more emotional than others and are very curious.
We name our brand Frisson Home, because we want our products to bring all of our customers happiness and a sense of home. We also want our furniture to witness every pleasurable moment in your life and also bring you to a brand new experiences.
We hope that our furniture can bring you to Frisson Home through our aesthetic designs and also because of all the practical uses. With the home decor pieces at Frisson, you could think of your home as a work of art, and make it full of life, culture, and interesting items for all the world to see!
Make your home a Frisson Home today, by visiting our website right here from this advertised page where you will find the very best in featured home decor.

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