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Great Little Trading Co (GLTC) is an award-winning retailer of children's furniture, home accessories and classic wooden toys. Founded in 1996, GLTC offers its own unique modern British designs to help parents create inspirational spaces for children which look good in the family home. Key products include smart storage for toys, books and clothes, children's bedroom furniture and bedding, curtains and rugs, desks and desk accessories.
We also stock dressing tables, toys and and many more fun products for the little ones. GLTC toys have been designed with 3 promises in mind; we make believe, we make more fun and we make conversation. We are the experts when it comes to designing unique toys to encourage imaginative play and learning through play and here's why. Our toys encourage imagination, learning, fun and development, through the use of role play. Take advantage of All Sale image-5711853-13570749 Wooden toys | We perform in-house design on all our products right here and get 50% offimage-5711853-13570752 Wooden toys | We perform in-house design on all our products!
Our range has been designed to encourage communication as children copy words they have heard others saying, 'that'll be twelve pounds please', 'nice cup of tea?' and requires the child to develop listening skills and to respond in an appropriate manner. The best role-play toys should be accessible so the child can spontaneously decide when and how to play. This means toys need to be left out, in the home, where children can easily reach them.
Here on the GLTC homepageimage-5711853-12519701-1456911290000 Wooden toys | We perform in-house design on all our products, you will find that all our toys are designed to be visually pleasing, not only to encourage children to play but also so that parents are proud to have them in their homes. From our subtle paint finishes, to gingham curtains on a play shop and British icons on a play table we make all our toys look good. Great Little Trading Co's showroom in Wandsworth, London will bring the entire collection to the high street for the very first time.
"We're excited to welcome visitors to our new home" says Jamie Reeve, CEO and proud parent of GLTC. "We want to show customers how we make it simple, we make it look good and we make it better. We're incredibly proud of our reputation, and our award-winning products, and our first ever UK store will showcase the quality of our huge range in an inspirational way."
Our toys are also designed to be played with especially for siblings or when children have friends over to play. Therefore functionality plays a big role in our toy design, ensuring our play kitchens have clicky knobs, turning tabs and draws in the dishwashers; our toy garage has a working lift and our Play Shop and Theatre has casters so it can be wheeled from room to room. It's important to us that if a child wants to mimic something, then they can.
What makes GLTC toys unique is that all our toys are wooden in order to ensure that they won't tire after extended bouts of play. They will be used day in, day out by children and passed down to younger siblings and through the generations. This is why none of our toys are plastic and are made from solid MDF and Rubber wood. "No-one else on the High Street is dedicating as much space, care or attention to children's furniture and toys interiors as GLTC" says Jamie. "Children and families are at the heart of everything we design and we are wholeheartedly committed to our promise that everything we make, makes a happy home."
Our showroom will also deliver the same exceptional customer service for which GLTC is renowned online. Friendly and knowledgeable sales experts will be on-hand to offer personal shopping and interior design advice, making GLTC a unique shopping experience for parents looking for innovative design, quality, attention to detail, longevity and the highest safety standards.
Our toys encourage imagination, learning, fun and development, and our furniture is designed to adapt to suit the changing needs of a family. Our products look good in every room and are made to last, and last, and last. They’ll continue to be useful and beautiful long after the children have flown the nest.
How do we know what young families need? We have twenty years of experience and we have learnt what works and what doesn’t. We design our products in-house, in Wandsworth, London and make the products that we, as parents, need every day, in our own homes.
We test everything we make and we only sell products that are purposeful, useful and smart. At GLTCimage-5711853-12519701-1456911290000 Wooden toys | We perform in-house design on all our products we aim to inspire and help parents make the most of childhood and their family home. Everything we make in wooden toys at GLTC makes a happy home.. Come vist us today to see our latest offers on wooden toys for the kids. Get Up to 30% off Toysimage-5711853-13846194 Wooden toys | We perform in-house design on all our products

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