168043 Little snacks | Best large bag of cacao nibs or chia seeds

Energy Ball Recipes are delicious little snacks, that are really easy to make as you just mix everything into a bowl, roll into balls and store fresh in the fridge for up to 7 days.
Our Recipe Kits are really handy for anyone who likes these snacks, but really can’t be bothered to buy a large bag of cacao nibs or chia seeds and then the rest of the pack is resigned to the back of the store cupboard.
We do all of the expensive experimentation instead! The subscription recipe (£14 per month) changes each time, so there's always a variety of fruits and nuts in the kits. There are also one-off kits available to purchase in all little snacks. The Recipe Kits are letterbox sized and arrive with everything that is required to make 30 energy balls.
They are great for anyone who is really interested in the ingredients they eat, the nutritional values and macros of food and also anyone who is Vegan, Vegetarian or enjoys adding plant-based food to their diets

Energy Ball Recipes little snacks

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