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Colin Bradley has been a professional artist since 1980. Over the years he has established a unique method of teaching turning students from complete beginners to professional artists. Colin's medium is Pastel Pencils and Watercolour. With both you do not require any previous experience and we offer a range of free courses for people to get started.
Naturally with Colin's lessons he recommends materials from our art supply shop that he uses and gets the results you see on the paper. In our store we offer these materials at the most competitive price we can in art supplies.
Art is scientifically proven to have incredibly positive effects on the mind and body and we say that anyone that wants to draw or paint, can. We are here to spread Colin's teaching and ultimately encourage people to draw or paint.
Here at the Colin Bradley Art Store, we primarily sell pastel related materials including pencils,sticks, blenders, pastel paper, box sets and more. We also sell watercolour paints, brushes and paper. Get FREE UK delivery on orders over £50 (£2.99 under £50) Also, international delivery are available as well.
Come visit Colin Bradley Art Store today, take a look at some of the great offers we have onsite from our art supply shop and get started to becoming a drawer or painting professional artists.

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